Jolla发布Sailfish OS 2.0并开始向所有Jolla手机用户推送更新

Jolla官方近日宣布Sailfish OS 2.0版正式发布,并已经向所有Jolla用户进行了推送。

Sailfish OS是前诺基亚Meego团队(即现在的Jolla)基于Meego开发的智能手机操作系统,兼容Android应用,搭载Sailfish OS的第一款手机也就是Jolla。

Jolla官方还曾在去年的11月20日以众筹方式来决定是否开发旗下基于Sailfish OS的平板设备,当时众筹目标名额是1000名,正在笔者担心会不会有人去认购的时候,文章还没写完刷新了下已经被认购完了

由此可见Sailfish OS对用户的吸引力还是非常大的,好了废话不多说,下面是更新日志,话说有人用过或者玩过Jolla不?

Jolla发布Sailfish OS 2.0并开始向所有Jolla手机用户推送更新

What’s new in this update?

New User Interface:

  • Home is now a carousel. Swipe to cycle between Home and Events
  • App Grid can be accessed from anywhere in the OS (even from inside an app) by swiping up from the bottom edge
  • Swipe down from the top edge of the screen to open Top menu with lock action and ambiences. The currently active ambience is marked with an indicator. You can change it to close apps directly with one top swipe.
  • Tutorial app has been updated to introduce the new navigation of the user interface
  • Refreshed visual style in Home, buttons, pulley menus, time picker, volume bar and remorse timer
  • Refreshed layouts for Calendar, Jolla Store, Clock, Email and Camera apps
  • Refreshed active App Covers for Gallery, Jolla Store, Settings, Notes and Camera apps


  • Events is now richer and configurable via Settings > System > Events
  • Notifications in the Events are now shown by grouping them based on type
  • New gesture option enables quick Events view access with a left swipe, activate it in Settings > System > Gestures
  • New Calendar widget displays your upcoming events directly in the Events view
  • Redesigned Weather widget shows five-day forecast information – tap on the widget to view it and remember to set your location in the Weather app
  • Jolla Tablet: now you can pick your favorite settings shortcuts to be shown in the Events view
  • Jolla Tablet: perform your favorite actions directly from the Events view. E.g. connecting to internet, search the web, find your location, take a photo, make a note or add a reminder


  • Records video clips in H.264 format now

Android apps:

  • Android apps now use the “Chat” system tone for notifications, and alert with vibration and notification LED
  • Android app notifications now wake up the display

Other improvements/features:

  • Jolla Tablet: three finger volume control gesture enabled – hold three fingers on the screen and slide one of the fingers to adjust volume
  • Support for US English language in the OS
  • Support for Lohit Devanagari font (Indian fonts)
  • New ambiences based on the selections from the Jolla ambience photo campaign with Jolla tones set as default actions
  • Notes can now be shared as text files
  • Media controls on lock screen for native Media app


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